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looking for the heat index values that could be 105-110 and on friday, we could see some heat index values between 110 and 110 and -- 115 and two fredericksburg, it's so extreme and they may be up pushing 120 with with the heat index and let me show you the numbers out there right now. and all things considered, looking at the temperatures, it's not that bad unless you're in frederick; culpeper, 97 and in up to, the wind is coming from the south to the potomac and tends to keep the temperature cooler and that it's 92 degrees right there. look at this, this is 101 in the city and feels like 109 in culpeper and fredericksburg, 112 degrees and this is going to get worse into tomorrow and
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as we get into saturday and as we get in through the weekend, bakely, okay. and some relief for next week. and that is hot outside, we -- when it's hot, if we chose the nationals and to see what is going on out there. is there anyone out at the zoo? we know the animals are out there. is anyone out there? >> reporter: things are winding down for the day and we're here at the zoo for reasons. how are they keeping the animals cool? if you come to the zoo, i'll tell you, it's warm. the sun came out and it's in the mid-90s. if you're in direct sun, it feels like 1 itself and that is going to get worse. they do what they can to keep it cool and you can see the
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misters going here and there are plenty of shaded areas. the zoo got some major good news and that involves the kids farm at the zoo and which is a wonderful interactive barn yard full of animals and ma small. bob, first of all, thank you for being out here in the heat with us. you have had some good news. tell us about it? we announced that state farm is generously contributing the money. >> and that was close to closing, right? >> it was very close and had to make's cut and statefarm sustained up to the plate and we continue for another five years request. >> and this is different. they get to interact, right? you can get the one-on-one time with animals. >> this is george, one of the men why tour donkeys.
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>> and this is a democratic donkey, probably. >> yeah. >> and a lot of people want to know what does the zoo do to keep the animals comfortable and tell us about what you do here at the kids farm? >> and george is a good example. he's chopping down watermelon. >> yeah. >> and wool freeze it down and make it harder for them to chew on and to last logger. >> i love it. >> and we have many special treats, and things look that and a lot of the exhibits have cool spots in them and where they can hang out or go inside. and -- sure, come on in. >> this is george, will you come with us? >> and not if the pops kill is there. >> you can see we're, first of all, a big difference when you walk into the >> it is. and we have some fans that cooled the hot air and pushed the air through and we have a
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lot of moving air that keeps it cooler and with the breeze going and pulls the one of the of the heat out. >> and you were telling us that the pandas, we don't see much of them. >> and they're inside where they love it or some cooling and heat rocks and where they can hag out and it'sarying and stay in the rock and where they come down and there are places where they can get cool and animals are protected. >> and we have the air quality. the animals are probably the best protected assets we have here and we're worried about the staff and&visitors. >> visitors will come down and i know you have a big celebration on sunday. can you tell us that? >> sure.
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>> between 11-2 and we have a lot of vendors coming out and some giveaways and animal demos, john and the animals out and you can come and have a great time. >> and that great to know, bob, and that is fun down here and feels better. >> and thank you very much. pepco said you can run your air conditioner without worrying about power outages. you may want to conserve the energy so you're not caught off guard by the next power bill. the ac does have to work overtime to cool in weather this hot. keep that in mine. pepco crews have been performing maintenance to make sure the weather is ready for the extreme heat. the district has a plan in action to help residents deal with the extreme heat and high humidity. the dmv in addition station
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will have special hours from 5:00 p.m. to two p.m. and that is earlier than usual and sanitation crews will be picking up trash starting an hour earlier than normal and to spend the evening cooling off, extending their hours at the large outdoor pools starting tomorrow. and you can make a move that is hotter than weather yourself and even with that, the auto club expects to help many drivers. aaa reminds everyone not to leave children and elderly or pets inside the hot car for a minute. it can be deadly. for other tips on beating the heat, go to and look on our home page. developing in the district. police are investigating the murder of a transgender. miles mcclain was gunned down as she walked along dix street.
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paul wagner is live with the story. >> and about words were exchanged with two men. a pistol was pulled. shots were fired and mcclain was hit in the back. why? some people are jumping to conclusions, but police caution that they have quite a bit of work to do on a pop in trippy dad, friends and family mourn the death of mcshane mcclain , born miles mclean 23 years ago, she considered herself female and was liveing as a woman and jason coleman is her boyfriend. >> she was -- and -- >> always wants to do the right thing. >> reporter: a neighborhood where d.c. police say they have been struggling to control an ongoing problem with
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transgender prostitution. and some officers from d.c. and prince georges count have been working both sides in hopes of eliminating it. that was my cousin, i love her to death. i'm sorry that it took away from her but she's in a better place. >> reporter: the news spread fast. and many gathering at the transgender health empowermet office where they supported one another. >> and she didn't hurt nobody. she cared well about a lot of people. >> i don't understand and that got me? in shock and i don't understand how this can happen to her. >> reporter: transgender women warp always at risk. >> it's been time and time again we have got called here and about stabs, they have been shot and beat up. i can say that i can't say she
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was involved in any legal activities, but i will tell you that that area clearly has a lot of violence happening and i know we work closely to educate young ladies. >> reporter: several hours after the murder, d.c. police were going door-to-door looking for footage from security cameras they hoped may have captured the crime. and d.c. mayor gray expressed concern saying his office would work with d.c. police on an appropriate response if detectives learned that the killing had anything to do than sexual orientation and crimes like that will not be tolerated. shawn. >> thank you. >> reporter: charles psyches had to close his business after losing his lease and is the only local dealer who can license new handguns in the district. last week, the zoning commission approved emergency legislation allowing him to run his business at police
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headquarters because he is having trouble finding another location. >> the probably they have been having in finding a new location seemed to have more to do with the cost of the space in the distribute, and that low demand for lawful firearms than the zoning regulations themselves. >> he will have to pay the city 100 in rent. he's in the process right now of getting everything in order to move in. this water main break here hasgra gaga avenue and wheaton closed on the southbound side through rush hour. the northbound lanes are back open right now. a 16-each main broke early this morning. wssc said it has one report of a flooded bias metbecause of the break and several local businesses spent much of today without water. is the metro-to-dulles debate finally closed? the airport authority gives one plan the green light. we're breaking it down for you next. and it's been a week since the brutal murder of an innocent 8-year-old boy. we're learning the disturbing
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new details in the death of kletsky. >> keep it here, fox 5 news at five is coming back. 
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>> tonight, we have a winner in the dulles rail extension project. they agreed to a compromised plan to build a station at the airport. it was in danger of falling a part. the board's vote, keep the rail
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extension alive and it's not exactly a done deal. fox 5s sherri ly is here to explain. sherry? >> reporter: this was certainly a huge obstacle. the airport's authority agreed to that compromise to build an above-ground airport metro station. but it comes with strings attached. >> the airport's authority to budge gave way to reality. >> it's ashame our decision has become a political football. >> reporter: the board reversed court -- to build above ground and further away. part of the pan by the secretary of transportation to cut the project by $1 billion there was no plan b. >> i describe it as our last best effort to keep the project alive and get it on track and get the dulles metro rail out to loudoun county. >> reporter: the agreement is contiment on certain conditions, including by fairfax and loudoun county to pick up the cost of parking
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garages and the route 28 station. the federal government gave $900 million to phase 1 of the projects but nothing for phase 2. and one board member said that they should pony up. >> we have asked for a significant support, federal participation in this program and have not gotten it. >> reporter: robert brown, the only board member to vote no. under both plansel to in 20 years are expected to -- expected to hit $13 and paid by drivers not using metro. >> and that is careerly ridiculous, okay. meanwhile, the people who ride the train are not being charged anything for a $7 billion project. >> reporter: virginia's $150 million contribution remains a sticking point. the feds say that it's coming. the governor is not publicly committing. >> i think the governor's committed to 150 million. they committed, uncommitted, committed again and i think they're on board. >> reporter: some propose keeping the underground station an option. >> we have been approached by several companies saying, hey,
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what if we not only build but we finance. >> reporter: until an agreement is signed, nothing is final. and that agreement must still be hammered out, given the contingencies before being voted on by the board in two weeks. all the other government partnerships must also soon off in addition to addressing their own financial concerns. so given what is taken to get this far, shawn, that is going to be a delicate process. >> sherry, what about the cost of the tolls? i know that is still a big issue. what is being done to keep the prices down? there was some discussion today about that, shawn. virginia's $150 million contribution could be used to secure financing that would keep the costs of the tolls down. the idea has also been floated to charge drivers who use the airport access road and my sources say that that is getting some traction. >> all right, we'll be watching it. sherri ly, thank you. >> the tsa unveiled brand new software at reagan international airport that is supposed to give passengers going through the airport
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screeners more privacy. the change follows public outrage over machines that showed partially naked images of pares. the tsa said the new software shows a generic outline of a person's body and can still pick up non-metallic devices. the passengers will be able to see the same image the same officer was seeing any there won't be an officer in another room looking at them an. the tsa was developing the new software before the passenger complaints began. developing in new york city tonight, disturbing new details are e merging in the kidnapping and murder of an 8-year-old boy. he got lost leaving day camp last week in brooklyn and asked levy earn for help before being killed. the medical examiner new said the boy was given a combination of drugs before he was smothered. detectives found his dismembered body in aaron's freezer. aaron has pleaded not guilty to charges of murder and kidnapping. lawyers for the two women
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accusing dominique strauss-kahn of rape met with new york prosecutors today. a french novelist claims the former imf chief tried to rape her in 2003 during an introduce and he's facing charges in new york that he attempted to rape a hotel maid. the attorneys for the accusers met in moon and within the district attorney's office for more than two hours but they're not commenting on what they discussed. strauss-kahn -- strauss-kahn denies wrong doing in both cases. the latest on the debt ceiling debate. president obama wrapped up a meeting with democratic leaders and is talking with republicans. the president's trying to reach a deal to raise the debt limit. as we know, time is running out. fox's nicole collins has the latest. >> reporter: a flurry of closed- door meetingings on capitol hill. >> we had a very good discussion and we're still gathering details. >> reporter: as momentum to hash out a debt deal picks up in the wake of a bipartisan senate proposal from the so- called gang of six that would
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slash 4 trillion from the deficit over 10 years and proposes 1 trillion in tax revenues. >> we're working group of six to try to inform colleagues, you know, that there is so much, as soon as you put out a plan like this, there is so much misinformation. >> reporter: the plan is just an outline of ideas and not legislation, but some lawmakers from both sides and the white house have expressed hope that it could help shape a final deal. >> now, that is up to the leadership to see if they want to take all or part of our proposal and incorporated it into the debt ceiling debate. >> reporter: carnie seated the bipartisanship approach as a catalyst forgetting the president back in the game, inviting house and senate democratic leaders to the white house. the best way to do this, the only way to do it, really, to do significant deficit reduction is to do it in a balanced way. >> reporter: the house republican leaders were invited to the white house for a separate, late-afternoon meeting with the president. the white house pyrotechnic jay carpy said -- press secretary
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said there is time to get a deal worked out but the leaders are urged to come back with a fall back plan in case n. washington, nicole collins, fox news. >> could protecting a debilitating disease be as simple as taking a blood test in. >> reporter: coming up at 5:30, don't miss what some are calling a breakthrough in the fight against alzheimer's disease. a solemn burial at arlington national cemetery. coming up, why it took so long to find soldiers messing in action from world war ii. 
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>> 30 times a day, relatives mourn their loved ones during funerals at arlington national cemetery. family members buried three men who diedest is years ago. all three were world war ii veterans missing in action since the tang was destroyed in 1944. karen gray houston reports. it's been 67 years since the
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three crew members of the m10 tang were killed. remains in a single casket. army private firstclass lawrence harris of el kins, west virginia. corporal hallins of mississippi and private donald owens of cleveland recovered, identified, and saluted. family members sat through a service in the hot son and honored to be there. >> i am thinking this is one of the miracles that come to a cobb construction. >> three rider less horses symbolized the soldiers and they were killed by enemy fire in an attack by the tang on german forces and their remains were discovered years league. they say it was a challenging
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process, several searches and various sites. >> and. it's unbelievable, you know? >> believable. >> they have done a wonderful job. >> and the family is sad, died so young and happy and foal at risk. >> and we know he died doing what he wanted to do and had to seen up and join the army. >> reporter: the three service men returned to their families and were buried with full military honors. at the end of the war, the u.s. government was unable to recover, identify, and bury an estimated 79,000 americans. today, some 72,000 remain unaccounted for. at arlington national cemetery, karen gray houston, fox 5 news. honoring the men who sibbed in another war. a special event marking the
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150th anniversary of the first battle of monasses begins tomorrow. the four-day evena is at the battlefield national park. the site of the first major battle of the civil war. this weekend thousands of civil war re-enactors will be a part of the first re-enactment there for 50 years and a heads up for the participants and spectators. the traffic could be congested on lee highway and i-56. fox 5 morning news is getting the road to honor the 150 years since the battle of monasses. tune in for everything from the ceremonies commemorating the ceremony and to those live on the air. it's happening on fox 5 tomorrow morning. who is not looking for ways to save cash here and there? tonight, there is a push to make birth control medications free. not everyone is on board, though. we're going to take you inside what is becoming a heated debate. and we're staying on top of the latest developments out of the uk and that phone-hacking scandal, who is in the hot seat today? hi, gary. >> hey, laura, i wish i could say something with the forecast changed but it hasn't.
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more hot and hear humidity. -- humidity. we'll show you how hot we think it's going to get tomorrow and the next day and the next day. stay with us, the forecast is coming up as fox 5 news at 5 continues. 
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>> we're following the latest developments in the phone- hacking scandal out of the uk, languaged to "the news of the world." the british prime minister defending himself during a raucous meeting of parliament. amy kellogg has the latest from london. thank you, mr -- >> british prime minister david cameron speaking to distance himself from his soccer with the former "news of the world" editor, andy coleson. >> with 20/20 hindsight and all that has followed, i would not have offered him the job, and i expect that he won't have taken
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it. >> reporter: cameron hiring coleson to be his communications chief. coleson resigned in a bail after his recent arrest. >> if it turns out david coleson knew about the hacks of the news of the world, he not only would have lied to me but police. >> reporter: lawmakers probing into acquisitions that news of the world reporters were paying off police for information. battering cameron with rapid- fire questions. >> does the prime minister accept that his conflict of interest for the metropolitan police commissioner in an impossible position? >> reporter: coleson is among 10 people recently arrested in connection with allegations of phone hacking at the shattered tabloid. others include rebekah brookes, another former editor of the news of the world and the continued issue of alleged payments to police for information. >> police corruption must be routed out. >> reporter: rupert murdoch's, the ceo of news corp, the parent company of fox news on tuesday as part of the investigation. apologizes for the tabloid's mistakes and two to the
5:32 pm
victims. >> let me be clear in saying invading people's fiveacy by listening to the voice mail is wrong. >> reporter: some political experts say this emergency session of parliament was to an extent, really, about the prime minister's reputation. a strategic session as parliament departs for six weeks of summer vacation. in london, amy kellogg, fox news. >> do you want to know again that news corp is the parent company of fox 5. birth control for women could be free. a medical panel recommended the government require health insurance companies to cover birth control as preventive care without copayments. not everyone supports the plan. kelly joins us tonight. thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> explain your organization's position on this? you don't like this plan, right? we're concerned. and -- that is the rights of the american women. this plan would allow the recommendation causing him to question the conscience rights
5:33 pm
of the american&men and women by forcing them to pay for health care insurance plans that cover the abortion using drug ella. >> let me go back a bit. you said it forces the abortion- enus -- inducing drug ella. the fda does not classify ella or plan b as an abortion pill but a copstraent isive. >> the fda did classify ella as an emergency contraception, but they said it could be contraindicated for existing or suspected pregnancy. the way ella works, it works like the abortion drug ru 46. both of them block progesterone and can both implantation of an already-developing human embryo or kill an already implanted human am brieo in a woman's uterus. it's an a borg-inducing drug and works different than plan
5:34 pm
b, a progestin-based contra session. >> to play devil's advocate, beyond the plan b and ella, this plan would be for paying for a pill. people in support of this say it would shift to possibly using more long-term reliable forms of birth control like euds being more widely used and that it could help women space out their pregnancies between 18 months and two years, which they say is more helpful -- healthful to women and more healthy for theirp born babies. what would be the problem with that? >> it's -- what is at stake is right now, there is no healthcare insurance plan that an american man or woman could choose to have that would allow them to not support or to have this abortion use the drugs on the plan and there is no plan out there that is available to them if hhs takes this. you know, concentrates have been a part of american history for years ever since -- decided the federal government, the
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federal law is pro-- has protected the conscious rights of the american people, the healthcare providers and this is the first time that went into effect and this would mandate that americans can not have any obligations in when choosing their health insurance plan. to say they don't have options, let me ask you, playing devil's advocate, half of all pregnancies areup planned and many are among women who forgot to take the pill or women who can't afford contraception. would this be a helpful way to help some of the women who don't want to necessarily get pregnant? >> well, under president obama's healthcare law that went into effect last year, under the preventive care mandate, if all contraception is included in that mandate, it would basically -- it does affect alp shines plans and there is no insurance plan if this goes into effect that would also cover the abortions using drug ella as a part of the contraception. if that part of the plan were taken out, would your organization support such a
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plan? if you take out the ella, you take out the plan b, would your organization sent a plan that covers contraceptionives on support a plan that covers contraceptives for free? >> that is not on the table now. what is on the table introduced yesterday and more likely to adopt in a few weeks is all fda- approved contraceptions and elra is -- ella is approved as a contraceptive, right now, that is not on the table. >> all right, well, certainly we will be following this as you said. the health and humanes iss secretary, cathleen seeableeous will make the final decision on the recommendation by august 1st and kelly, thank you for coming in. thank you for having me. in tonight's health alert, exciting new developments is the international alzheimer conditions in paris. the test isings getting closer to a blood test to screen people for the disease. the test looks for how much plaque is building up in people's brains, an indicator of alzheimer's. australian researchers said
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it's shown accuracy in large groups of people. the alzheimer's association release d this video here. doctors recommend some heart disease patients take a low-dose aspirinef day and there is evident that stopping the daily dose could be danous. spanish researchers studied 40,000 patients who take the aspirin and found that those who quit have a 6% increase and -- 60% increase in their risk of heart attack. as many as half of the patients do stop taking it. >> reporter: the space shuttle atlantis is headed back to earth right now and when it lands, it will close the books on nasa shuttle fleets. >> what is next for space? we'll take you inside the next motion to the final frontier. you can count on them to help you count the calories. are the restaurant menu boards telling the truth? we're corruptioning the numbers for you next. 
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>> the recall for ford owners, the automaker is voluntarily recalling 20,000 trucks and suvs because of a defective switch that can cause the turn signal, tail lights and brake lights to fail. the affected models include rager pickups, excursions and x series trucks. for more details, go to and okay at -- look at recalls. if you're watching your weight, think twice before going out to eat. a new study shows the calorie counts listed on many menus are epaccurate. they analyzed the calories and meals at fast foods and set- down restaurants and found 1-5 meals contained 100 more calories than the menu states. the without offenders? the sitdown restaurants. the fast-food chains are doing a better job of providing accurate calorie count. the fox 5 storm force is busy tracking a round of dangerous temperatures. >> if you think you're feeling the heat now, just wait. the mercury is going to get higher.
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gary has the full forecast next. and also ahead, the clock is ticking to get the players on the field and the fans in their seats. the latest on the nfl lockout is ahead tonight. 
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>> it was supposed to be the beginning of the end on this, the 127th day of the lockout. the players were scheduled to vote and muff the process a step crosser to a resolution. sports director dave feldman is here with how today played out. we're on the edge of the seats here. >> reporter: we are and we're going to be on the edge. the nfl players will not vote on a deal to end the lockout. this is according to multiple reports. evidently, there is still some work to do to finalize an agreement between the players and the owners. a majority of the players reps have left the nfl offices in d.c. and have given executive
5:46 pm
director tosmith a vote of confidence to finish the final deal point. the players could still vote tomorrow morning via a conference call and no time for the owners to vote tomorrow afternoon at their meeting in atlanta. this is what the nfl p.a. president kevin malie had to say earlier today. >> the bowl is to see what is on the -- goal is to see what is on the table, discuss the outlying issues that may or may not be there. make no mistake, the players are not in a rush -- we're not tied to a timeline of july 21st. our timeline is that which gives us the deal, the best deal for our players. whether that is today or tomorrow or whatever it may be, we want to play football and go back to work. but we're not going to agree to any deal unless it's the right deal for all of the players. >> and there is still a very good chance that a collective bargaining agreement will not be agreed on by friday and if that is the case, a better chance that training camp will be pushed back. so we're still, laura, and shawn and gary, on the edge of the seats, waiting for them to
5:47 pm
tell us when football season will officially begin. >> oh, boy. >> and maybe they need the gang of six from capitol hill senators, too. and working on the debt ceiling. >> yeah, maybe. >> and not that they having any success. >> who knows. maybe they need us to come in there. >> right. >> and thank you, feldy. >> okay. and one thing we know for sure, it's hot outside. >> and i saw the hottest heat index at national, anyway. >> uh. >> and 102 degrees and that should stop there, right? >> right. it's not going to. sometimes we know up in a situation where when it gets hot and humid, there is dry air aloft. i don't want to get too meteorological and as we heat up, it puts us down and keeps us from being heat index of 105 to 110 and 115. the problem with the heat wave that is coming, folks, is that we're not going to have dry air a loft to help mix on the afternoon and as i look at the numbers here, it just looks like it'sy going into story, you know, is going to be bad and into friday is going to be
5:48 pm
oppressive and saturday oppressive and on through the weekend, too. and it looks like we're talking until next week some sometime before we can really break the back of the heat wave. i think the real excessive heat is probably going to be tomorrow and on friday and saturday. hopefully it won't linger into sunday but a lot of times once the things start, they're really -- real, real hard to get rid of and hopefully by monday and tuesday of next weeks -- week, it will be a distant memory and maybe we can get cooler air from the north, at least instead of talking about temperatures at 100 degrees, we're talking about the temperatures in the lower 90s and that is a big, big relief. the heat warning has been issued and this is going to be for tomorrow from about noon until 8:00 and that will be the worst of it and as well on friday from about noon to 8:00 and that is all they have issued so far. if they need to, they will look ahead and see if they need to issue it into side and sudden. the temperatures right now, not
5:49 pm
altogether bad. except in frederick where the temperature is 99 degrees; washington, 92; no doubt being helped look by the fact that the wind is blowing across the potomac a bit and that tends to help things a bit. fredericksberg down to 91 degrees and culpepper is everyone in and you can see all up and down i-85 the performs -- televisions are in the lower 80s. 108, fredericksberg; 109, culpepper and in up to. that is bad. 1 -- in town. 104 in frederick and again, add about 6 degrees on top of these for tomorrow and at least in terps of the heat index value. a spotty thunderstorm is possible at 7:00 and 8:00. when i mean spotty, i mean maybe we say one pop up and more locally that we won't see anything and we're pretty hot and muggy and something you would go up. 86 degrees at 9:00, muggy, winds out of the basically, the south this evening at 5 to 10 miles an hour and still muggy at 11:00. and the temperature of 103.
5:50 pm
the current temperatures across the nation, and this is where that heat wave began in the nations and 102 and at $100. we zoom in for you, and there is st. louis, 99 and this is a case in st. louis and where we're going to be tomorrow. and unless we look at the heat index value. 106 is the value and 102 for little rock and in chicago, 107. cincinnati, the heat index is 112 degrees and we'll so that around here tomorrow, too. wilmington, north carolina, they're hot as well. the heat index at 104 degrees and these are the heat warnings and advisories that have been posted across the nation. we have continued to track these and look at how much real estate under warnings and watches and excessive heat
5:51 pm
warning for tomorrow and and we expecting heat index values tomorrow and 105 to 110 degrees. okay? not much chance for thunderstorms to help cool us off. there is a slight risk of that comings up and a slight ridiculous for that and don't worry about getting wet and some fair skies overnight, the temperatures in the low to mid- 70s in the suburbs and look at the heat index values that i tacked on here. it's going to feel like 87 to 91 and noontime, 10 to-106 and -- 102-106 and that heat index tomorrow at 5:00, 104-109 and no doubt, some of the values will be warmer than that. >> hmm. >> and by sunday, we're back down to 98 degrees. >> okay. >> stay inside if you can. >> thanks, gary. >> i will be. and r&b crooner r. kelly is recovering after surgery on his throat. the publicist said he had an abscess on one of his topsiles
5:52 pm
and will be in a chicago hospital indefinitely. he was rushed to the hospital after seeing a doctor. he wrapped up a six-week tour for his most recent album "love letter." oprah's surprise giveaway trip to australia stunned the audience is interest is not winning over international tourists as planned. us train -- australian taxpayers paid for the trip to cost about 3.5 ms. oprah's series on the visit, ultimate australian adventure was supposed to boost tourism but the numbers are down this year. australian's tour. chief claimed the full impact of the series will boost tour. for many years. a deal to raise the nation's debt ceiling could be on the horizon. we'll take you live to alcohol where a plan by the so-called gang of six appears to be gaining momentum. and plus, monitoring metro. the transit agency dealing with a rash of car break-ins. we're going to tell you which stations appear to be targeted by thieves. and i they're getting a taste
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of what life was like for their parents. taking you to the boot camp for kids on the news edge at 6.  the people who walked these streets before us
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were just like you and me -- with hopes, dreams, challenges. today, we do more than just walk the same streets. for a moment, we get to walk in their shoes, preparing us for what lies ahead down our next road.
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colonial williamsburg. be part of the story. plan your stay at, with packages starting at just $99 per person per night.
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>> the space shuttle atlantis is due to land at 6:00 a.m. tomorrow. the shuttle commander admits it's going to be an moral moment. it will -- emotional moment. the weather forecast for landing is excellent. and nasa, of course, we know is getting out of the shuttle business and an american businessman hopes he can fill that void. the co-founder of pay pal spent a fortune on and is poised to send a privately boat rocket to the space station later this year. take a look. this is the face of the future. he's not an astronaut or fly a
5:57 pm
shuttle. he's a dreamer with money and a vig, something he calls economical space travel. >> and the cost of the propellant of the flight is about $150,000 the marginal cost of the arthritis can drop from 62 million to 100 ms. >> reporter: he invested engineers, scientists and hardware. the scientists took $800.000000 built a reusable rocket. the engineers took tree hundred million dollars and built a reusable space capsule. >> 2, 1, 0. >> reporter: eight months ago, space x was the first commercial company to launch and recover the spacecraft from the earth's orbit. and music is so sure of the gamble, that space x has assigned a fixed-price contract with nasa for 12 cargo missions to the international space station. >> and the partnership is a
5:58 pm
very key aspect to the program. we both have an align metof goals. we want it to be safe, they want it to be safe. we want it to be reliable, they want it to be reliable and won't it to be cost-effective. >> reporter: nasa has been reliant on the aerospace industry to supply hardware and software for the space program. in the past, taxpayers paid the bill and now the difficult fiscal climate means private funding has to cover the cost of some flights. >> and that is a much better value for the taxpayer, takes advantage of an industry that we have all helped develop&in this nation and put their creative and epo votive spirit into what they do. whiles thaa does the cutting- edge hard thing. >> reporter: this fall -- to the international space station. the first trip with astronauts with an american commercial space venture is still three on five years away. and with shuttle flights coming to an end and three supply missions to the international space station needed for another decade, he must gam--
5:59 pm
the game bell -- gamble is poised to pay off. >> going to be exciting. thank you for joining us at 5. the news edge at 6 starts right now. a heat wave that scotched the midwest killing more than a dozen people is creeping toward us. it's downright miserable and is about to get worse. triple-digit temperatures will make their presence felt here in the nation's cap tool the next few days. for the latest on the dangerous weather conditions, we're going to start with sue palka who is live at the national zoo in northwest. hot enough out there for you? can you hear us? >> reporter: it is. we had a merciful breeze awhile ago. i can hear you okay, can you hear me? hopefully you can hear me. i definitelyr

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